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International business advice and services for Australians, Dutch people, and anyone dealing with Australia or The Netherlands

Launching or growing business activities can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Your own capacity limitations can play up. If you are dealing with international stakeholders, cultural differences showing through local practicalities and expectations can add to confusion and frustration.


Government organisations can help with general information. Training organisations can give you generic knowledge and skills. We complement them on a personal level. We are here to help you, as and when you need it, to tune in to and address your personal needs.


Our focus, experience and passion is to offer intercultural insights, business expertise, local relationships, and hands-on services to:

  • Organisations and individuals targeting the Australian market or the Dutch market

  • Individuals having difficulty dealing effectively with Australians or Dutch people

  • Australians and Dutch people having difficulty dealing with international stakeholders


We focus on bridging the gap between expectations - your own needs and capabilities, and the needs and capabilities of your international stakeholders.


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