Our Clients 

Our clients are companies and individuals seeking to do (more) business in The Netherlands and/or Australia. Client challenges we have been hearing and addressing relating to Dutch or Australian business include:


  • "We are successful here at home,
    how can we best succeed in The Netherlands (or Australia)?"


  • "We signed our first client in The Netherlands (or Australia) remotely,
    how do we establish an effective local presence?"


  • "In discussions with a possible Dutch (or Australian) business partner we've hit a road block, how do we break through?"


  • "We've made changes to our Dutch (or Australian) business model,
    how do we get buy-in from local stakeholders?"


  • "We're in conflict with a Dutch (or Australian) stakeholder,
    how do we prevent an expensive escalation?"


Australian Dutch Business Connect respects the confidentiality of our engagements. Client testimonials relating to specific past engagements are given on the Testimonials page. We look forward to sharing individual experiences with you verbally.



Australia +61 2 9401 5516       The Netherlands +31 850 020 797    connect@australiandutch.com

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