Our Services


For organisations and individuals, we help you connect (better) with international stakeholders.


We offer intercultural insights, business expertise, local relationships, and hands-on services to bridge the gap between your own capabilities and your expectations/needs,
or those of your international stakeholders.


For organisations:

The following are examples of goals and deliverables we have worked on with clients as adviser, mentor, facilitator, broker, consultant, or mediator:


  • Market research, opportunity analysis

  • Business plans, strategy plans

  • Establishing in-market presence

  • Identifying and selecting stakeholders

      (e.g. partners, suppliers, distributors, dealers, resellers, agents, prospects)


  • Clarifying commitments and expectations

  • Negotiating an agreement, informally or confirmed in a formal contract

  • Implementing operational change 

  • Designing and implementing a governance framework

  • Handling disagreements and conflicts, including mediation


For individuals:

The following are examples of goals and dreams we have worked on with clients as coach, mentor, consultant, or mediator:

  • Clarifying and rationalising goals and dreams to SMART objectives (Specific Measurable Action-oriented Realistic Time-bound)

  • Planning a trip

  • Finding a job

  • Starting a business

  • Finding volunteer work

  • Finding accommodation

  • Resolving issues and disputes

Contact us to discuss how we can help realising your goals and dreams.

Australia +61 2 9401 5516       The Netherlands +31 850 020 797    connect@australiandutch.com

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